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Monetize Your Wireless Network

Earn Revenue

Monetize your wireless coverage

Deploying a Wi-Fi and Neutral Host DAS network provides you the opportunity to monetize and increase your per unit revenue stream

Venue Owner / Team Owner

  • Provide fans a mobile interactive experience
  • Allow easy access to texting, calling, video, statistics and social media now considered essential to the venue experience

Property / Building Owner /
Property Manager

  • Improve wireless cell phone coverage and increase data capacity
  • Reduce tenant turnover rates
  • Make your property more appealing by providing a value added service

University / Campus Executives

  • Provide the ability to access Wi-Fi anywhere on campus
  • Support several applications for student residents which include a VoIP handset, data and multi-media services, Wi-Fi off-load for Smartphones, tables, video services and IPTV.
  • Provide mobile access to school databases including library systems

Technologically Advanced Wireless Solutions

5 Bars positions NRG Stadium as one of the most connected stadiums in the country


5 Bars provides state-of-the-art DAS and Wi-Fi systems for venues, stadiums and properties

5 Bars provides
state-of-the-art DAS
and Wi-Fi systems
for venues, stadiums
and properties

It is no longer acceptable for users to have issues with placing or receiving calls or suffer slow or no mobile data.

DAS technology provides seamless wireless connectivity to thousands of users who are simultaneously text messaging, uploading, streaming and making calls.

A DAS system may be deployed indoors (an iDAS) outdoors (an oDAS).

5 Bars Media sports app can feature live play-by-play footage, in-seat ordering and the ability to browse game stats, locate food and beverage options, etc.

Wi-Fi provides your users free wireless internet services in both indoor and outdoor venues.

increase capacity
and coverage
stronger network
enhance the fan &
tenant experience
public safety

Wireless Marketing, Planning and Management Services

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